Shelby Rahe and Josh Gondrez are a director duo based in Austin, TX. The colorful and playful sensibilities found in their work are influenced by their background in fashion, music, and modern art. As a director duo, Shelby and Josh have directed commercials, short films, fashion films, and music videos. They’re currently working on their feature film debut. Josh and Shelby view film as the ultimate art form that encompasses everything they love: photography, performance, writing, music, and sound design.

Josh and Shelby met while attending a sculpture class at their local Denver art school in 2016. Within months, they were making films together and haven’t looked back.

Shelby holds a B.S. in Advertising from Boston University and has worked at Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, and W Magazine. As a director and artist, Shelby draws inspiration from slipstream literature and surrealism. Her video artworks, sculptures, and installations have been exhibited at Rule Gallery and Rude Gallery in Denver, CO.

Josh studied fine arts, with an emphasis in video art, but odd jobs like selling RV trailers, I.T. support, and videotaping veterinary surgeries have given him the unique perspective he draws upon in his filmmaking. Josh has exhibited his video work at the Philip J. Steele Gallery in Denver, CO, as well as at artist-run exhibitions. He also co-owned an influential art gallery in Denver called Leisure. Josh was selected to participate in the student symposium program at the 2016 Telluride Film Festival. Their work recently won Best Music Video at the Santorini Film Festival in 2023.