Revelator-Produced Feature “Discreet” To Premiere At Berlinale

We’re very excited to announce that the Revelator-produced feature film 
 will have its world premiere at the  67th Berlinale International Film Festival

Discreet was produced by Revelator’s own Chris Ohlson, along with Don Swaynos, Jonny Mars, Travis Mathews, Joao Federici, and PJ Raval. The film is the only American narrative feature in the Panorama Programme, and is directed by Travis Mathews.  The film is also lensed by Drew Xanthopoulos.

Exploring the concept of masculinity in modern society, Discreet focuses on an eccentric drifter who returns home after years in hiding to discover that his childhood abuser is still alive. Director Travis Matthews says that the film is a “nightmare warning to what discretion – in its many forms – might bring. Over [the summer of 2015], then into 2016, crystallizing with the US presidential election, it became increasingly clear that the monster built from years of fear mongering was no longer under anyone’s control. Unhinged, it would answer to no one, listening only to the echoes of violence in its head, accelerating a dark vision for the future.”


Director Travis Mathews on the set of DISCREET

Producer Chris Ohlson says “DISCREET is a powerful, moving, timely film… that we, as Revelator, wanted to help in whatever way we could.  Travis Mathews, Don Swaynos and Jonny Mars are a super-power, who have been tirelessly working on the movie over the last year to get it ready for the world.  Screening at the 67th Berlinale is a perfect fit, as well. I’m so, so happy that DISCREET can represent the U.S. in the Panorama program and couldn’t be more excited about sharing it with the world.”

The elliptically edited story in DISCREET, which revolves around a man who can no longer be described as young, is accompanied by an eerie soundscape. Filmmaker Alex lives in a van. He sets up his camera in rural areas in the US, in the no-man’s land near highways. During a visit to his mother, a former alcoholic, she shares with him a well-kept secret. There is also a small boy, with whom Alex develops an unexpectedly close relationship.

Discreet will screen 5 times over the course of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Saturday February 11th at 22:30 — CinemaX 7

Sunday February 12th at 17:45 — CineStar 3

Monday February 13th at 20:15 — Cubix 7 & 8

Tuesday February 14th at 22:30 — Colosseum 1

Wednesday February  15th at 20:00 — International

Read more about the film in recent announcements by both Indiewire and Variety, and check out the just-released poster below. We’re extremely proud of the film and are honored to be a part of the Berlinale International Film Festival world premiere.  Check back soon for more news about Revelator’s upcoming film projects.