Revelator Creates Brand Films For Federated Media

Federated Media (FM) is a pioneer in content marketing, as well as the industry leader in their field of digital activation. So, when they asked us to create a series of profile videos for their company re-brand, we jumped at the opportunity. After learning how FM connects brands to high-quality online influencers for content marketing, we helped outline a multiple-use video structure for their corporate identity. We worked with some great folks at FM to create these brand films and we all think the whole darn project was a pretty big success. Breanna Morell, one of Federated Media’s key Marketing Associates, said “We we’re impressed from start to finish with the Revelator team’s execution of our project. They truly understood our messaging and vision and knew exactly how to best help us achieve our goals. Revelator is highly recommended from us, and we look forward to working with them again for any future production needs!”

FM distributes custom digital and social content activations using their own display, native, and proprietary social offerings. They utilize data-driven campaign architecture to build measurable experience across the entire customer journey.  They know how social media dominates the real estate on modern screens, and that consumers are looking to their peers and their content for informed purchasing decisions.  In a nutshell, Federated Media really know their stuff when it comes to content marketing, and that’s why we at Revelator found this to be such an exciting project. First up, FM wanted a company overview video that explained their identity in a simply way.  That overview video at the top of this page, “Architects of Influence” was the most over-arching message for FM’s new brand.

FM also wanted to make a video that complimented the high-quality content created by their influencers. We created a video that was a document of the Influencer’s experience, and what better model than Camille Styles, an Austin resident and one of the web’s most visible and respected lifestyle bloggers.  Camille’s site collects advice from inspiring influencers on health, fitness, fashion, beauty, and professional goals.  We thought this made her experience the perfect story to help showcase the influencer’s relationship with FM.

Federated Media “Our Influencers”

Building a strong and consistent brand identity requires a company to analyze the market and know itself. So in order to create an identity film for FM, we treated our approach the same way. This meant understanding Federated Media and the world of content marketing, from the inside out. By working closely with the FM marketing team, hours of competitor research, and comprehensive scouts of the FM offices downtown, we were able to form a visual aesthetic that wholly represented the FM brand and it’s custom content:

Federated Media “Custom Content”

With a small, nimble, doc-style crew we shot at the FM offices in downtown Austin, over a span of 4 days.  We also included a very fun day (full of avocado toast) at the beautiful house of Camille Styles. We brought to life the crisp, clean and beautiful aesthetic FM likes to incorporate into their visual brand with a few key techniques.  A few cinema prime lenses, hand-held camera movement, a little bit of overcranking, and the amazing natural light in the FM offices…resulted in a unified look for the series of videos.  An important part of that series was outlining FM’s very specific media distribution approach:

Federated Media “Media Distribution”

It was such a fun project to create with our new friends at FM, and it’s always a treat to put together a series of videos with such an informed client that shares so many mutual values.  Their detailed company approach, combined with curated interviews from FM employees and social influencers, came together to create a series of final pieces that we think successfully communicate the identity, mission, and culture of the company:

Federated Media “Our Culture”


ABOUT REVELATOR: Revelator is a full service film & video production company in Austin, Texas. We like to write, produce, & edit projects for t.v. and the web. We specialize in brand films, corporate identity work, as well digital advertising and t.v. broadcast advertising. If you need help with your script, production, or just an idea, give us a call.