Revelator’s New IBM Campaign

Yeah, we’d already seen that episode of Jeopardy and that Bob Dylan spot, so when Revelator was asked to create a series of ads for IBM Watson Analytics, we were more than happy to jump right in.

Our agency friends at Somnio wanted to help showcase the versatility and real-world applications for IBM’s groundbreaking predictive analytics program. The goal was to show Watson Analytics in action, and in context, to create an effective driver for demand and, ultimately, engagement with the app. We created 5 unique ads for IBM, each with a :15 second version and an extended version.The RESULTS?  The project generated 46+ million impressions across 4 unique social platforms, with 8,380+ Facebook followers in 33 days.   Let’s jump right in with an example of the work:

So, as you can see from our first “Eva” spot, we wanted to focus on the moment of inspiration, where people really begin to understand exactly what Watson Analytics can help them do. Based on IBM’s in-depth study and conversations with multiple users, they learned that people are delighted once they see IBM Watson Analytics in action, and in the context of how it helps them in their practical day-to-day lives. With that in mind, we created a thematic visual theme for the spots, which featured an intimate direct-to-camera interview for each of our “personas.” These personas were varied slice of life professionals who could convey a specific need, and then outline exactly how Watson addressed that need. Here’s our marketing manager, Aaron, discussing how Watson empowered connections with new clients:

The goal of the “aha” moments in the videos was to bottle that realization and deliver it to the audience. The audience associates this moment with a familiar role, or persona, which uses IBM Watson Analytics to garner new insights, overcome challenges, and improve their organization based on certain data sets, goals and pain points. Our goal was to create videos that deliver the experience with testimonial-style perspectives, screens of interface and software, and depictions of that magic “aha” moment of inspiration. So, now let’s see that practical approach from an operations manager’s perspective:

The visual cohesiveness of the five product films was also an important consideration for us. Creating multiple drafts of wardrobe boards and architectural inspiration visuals, we were able to help our wardrobe and art departments pull off a unified aesthetic that was clean, modern and cohesive. This aesthetic, along with the first-person persona scripts, helped us fine tune a message of practical application for each piece. The objective of these practical applications is to not only drive engagement by showing a relatable situation that describes how Watson Analytics can help each target audience segment, but to lead them to engage with a free edition of Watson, found in the web address in our closing CTA. Next, we’ll check out the story of Glenn, who’s focused on financial performance:

To further drive engagement, the accompanying descriptions in IBM’s promotional materials contained CTAs directly linking to the IBM Watson Analytics registration page. We were thrilled to partner with IBM and Somnio again on such a thematically and visually aligned family of product films. The spots are currently utilized as integrated web video content for IBM, with more content in the same brand family in the works as this is being written! Oh, OK, let’s watch one more. What? You want a better, faster way to analyze your pipeline, market and customer behavior data? Then maybe let this video help you learn how Watson can empower you to find more sales opportunities:


We just added a new piece to the larger data analytics campaign for IBM. Check out the new promo about Samantha, a senior buyer for an outdoor company. She wants to help people have their best camping trip ever, but she needs to analyze the data, and tell her boss what camping gear you want from them. That’s where IBM Cognos Analytics comes in. The program allows people who are not exactly experts in data to quickly and confidently get results. Within this platform, the data comes to life; and so do its users.


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