"Meet the Nail Artist" BONUS ROUND! Q&A: Meghann Rosales of Nails Ya’ll


Last week’s Q&A with cartoonist-turned-manicurist Meghann Rosales was such a hit, we’ve asked her to come back for a BONUS ROUND. Meghann specializes in custom nail art. Her company, Nails Y’all, has been providing nail art and natural nail care in Austin, TX since 2011. Nails Y’all will be doing custom nail art at Revelator HQ’s “Meet the Filmmaker” showcase this weekend on Saturday, the 22nd, from 1-4pm.

Q: So, how was your first weekend of EAST? It seemed like those David Lynch nails were a hit?

A: It was really good! I painted a ton of tacos and West Texas sunsets. The David Lynch went over well–although somebody requested the Einstein. But I think it’s important to take ownership of the nail art you choose, so I hope she’s enjoying her Albert.


Q: Any other film theme you think people responded to during the first weekend?

A: I had a lot of requests for the film reel, too, and also the personalized Hollywood star.

Q: Speaking of film…you also did nails for the Alamo Drafthouse Forever Fest this weekend. How was that?

A: So fun! I led a nail art workshop at the Highball. Since the festival celebrates all things hot pink and girly, we did a bunch of cutesy designs like hearts, kisses, and panda bears. Near the end I started losing their attention to the baby animal petting zoo in the lobby, but have you ever held a baby hedgehog? I have now so I can’t say I blame them.

Q: You’ve recently done nails with images of Nick Kroll & Neil deGrasse Tyson…and then those people met that celebrity. Trusting that pattern will continue….can you do Michael Keaton nails for us this weekend?

A: Batman-Michael Keaton or like, fly fishing on his Montana ranch-Michael Keaton? (I read that on Wikipedia.) Either way, absolutely. My nail art works a lot like that sleepover game, Bloody Mary: it evokes the subject, terrifyingly, every single time.

Q: If for some reason, people want to bring in their own design idea that isn’t Michael Keaton, what general parameters inspire the best nail ideas?

A: Personally, the weirder the better. I like a challenge. I’m less into painting your beloved dead grandma, because in your memory she’s flawless, and because noses are hard to paint. BUT I’LL DO IT.

Q: Last week you told us favorite designs…but what are the weirdest requests you’ve ever heard?

A: I think the weirdest might be the guy who has asked for “the saddest nails ever” on two separate occasions. If he asks again I’m going to do a “Blackfish” theme.

Q: Any “Too Many Cooks” requests yet?

A: Not yet, but that would be amazing. Also: Highlights Magazine’s spot the differences game.

Q: What if people want Thanksgiving nails?

A: They do! I can paint a mean turkey, dead or alive, in accordance with your dietary preference.


Q: How long do nails last?

A: That depends. Are you going to eat take-out and avoid doing dishes? Then probably as long as you can stand pizza. Otherwise, about a week.

Q: Not that you ever would, but how many Revelator Bloody Marys could you drink and still paint a solid Michael Keaton nail?

A: That would never happen. I hate Bloody Marys. There’s so much texture, and tomato. (Ed. Note: We’re serving Cape Cods, too.)

Q: So, is there anything else you’d like to say, just in general, about Michael Keaton?

A: I guess I’d just like to say that although I do like Michael Keaton, he is not my favorite Keaton. He actually ranks #3, right above Buster (#4) but below Diane (#2) and Michael P. (#1). But in general, he seems like a really likable guy, and I like that he is so connected to Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood (which I also read on Wikipedia).


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