Three women dancing on an urban rooftop seen through instagram recording interface.
CLIENT: Instagram / AGENCY: DEPT "In Your Hands"
hagerty car insurance video production automotive
CLIENT: Hagerty / AGENCY: Revelator "Keepers of the Flame"
Adidas logo on the Las Vegas Sphere, depicted at night time glowing red
CLIENT: Adidas / AGENCY: We Are Social "You Got This"
A young woman irons in her room, looking boredly off into the distance
CLIENT: BeReal / AGENCY: Revelator "Sunday Scaries"
Musician Devendra Banhart, shrouded in blue light and a gauzy fabric, stares directly at the camera as he sings
CLIENT: Devendra Banhart / AGENCY: Mexican Summer "Twin"
A woman wearing Bose headphones looks at a mannequin in a dark room.
CLIENT: Bose / AGENCY: Revelator "Hold It"
An Adidas sneaker closeup, resting on a basketball, with multiple shots overlapping a still from 32mm film footage, with grain, burns, and marks
CLIENT: Adidas / AGENCY: Revelator "Stand Clear"
CLIENT: Ozarka / AGENCY: GRIT / Hogarth "Sippin' Texas Pride"
A woman smiles and looks to the right with an Indian Motorcycle bandana on.
CLIENT: Indian Motorcycle / AGENCY: THE SPEED SHOP "Scout Rogue"
offsite adventure travel show series video production revelator
CLIENT: WaitWhat / AGENCY: Revelator "Offsite Adventures"
A man in a business outfit has his keys out and is about to get into his white car. He looks into the distance, pondering deeply
CLIENT: Hagerty / AGENCY: Revelator "Leaving Work"
An elderly man wearing a windbreaker and shorts sits next to his grandson, who has a sling on his left arm. They're sitting in the trunk of their hatchback car. A bike and a cooler are visible outside the car
CLIENT: Aetna / AGENCY: Vitro "That's Better Health"
A mother, hands on hips, looks disappointedly at the camera in her turquoise house with matching turquoise blazer and necklace
CLIENT: Smile Doctors / AGENCY: ARCHER MALMO "Smile Happy "
The front end of a green Dodge Challenger car filling up the frame
CLIENT: Dodge / AGENCY: GSD&M "Four Leaf Clover"
A mom turns toward the back of her vehicle, smiling. Her son is in the backseat. A Pizza Hut sign is visible but blurred in the background.
CLIENT: Pizza Hut / AGENCY: GSD&M "Curbside Pickup"
Two men are on their Indian Motorcycle bikes, paused at a streetlight. The man to the right of the frame smiles widely
CLIENT: Indian Motorcycle / AGENCY: The Speed Shop "Lost and Found"
A closeup of musician Vance Joy singing
CLIENT: Western Union / AGENCY: Pandora "Sidestage with Vance Joy"
Golfer Mark O'Meara watches as his caddy does jumping jacks on the course. The ally financial labeled bag lies between them
CLIENT: Ally / AGENCY: R/GA "Own the Green"
A wide shot of Katie Pizzolatto wearing a blue blazer. The shot is set up for an interview with 2 lights, mic, stool, and backdrop visible in frame. She smiles at the camera.
CLIENT: IBM Quantum / AGENCY: Revelator "Real Talk"
A helmeted motorcyclist kicks up a cloud of smoke on his Sport Chief bike in a gritty industrial area
CLIENT: Indian Motorcycle / AGENCY: The Speed Shop "Sport Chief"
Will Butler, formerly of Arcade Fire, tells a story to an excited and engaged audience sipping on Stella Artois, for the Stella Supperclub series of videos
CLIENT: Stella Artois / AGENCY: Pop-Up Magazine "Stella Supper Club: Will Butler"
Musician Robert Ellis sings to the camera, wearing a white tuxedo and cowboy hat
CLIENT: Robert Ellis / AGENCY: Preacher "Fucking Crazy"
Center-framed by her ring light, a musician prepares to record herself playing guitar
CLIENT: AMD / AGENCY: Bond/Drumroll "Musician"
A busy mom smiles at the camera in her kitchen
CLIENT: Ethos Life / AGENCY: Tilted Chair "Kitchen"
Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson in character in the movie Damsel smile at someone just off screen
CLIENT: Damsel / AGENCY: Revelator "Film Production"
Framed to the right, a worker wearing safety glasses, a helmet, and a vest looks offscreen
CLIENT: Workrise / AGENCY: Revelator "Stories from the Field: Jerry"
Zeus from the Harlem Globetrotters sits center frame, pointing behind him in a empty school cafeteria
CLIENT: Harlem Globetrotters / AGENCY: Revelator "The Jersey"
A couple sits on their couch watching TV, facing the camera with the TV offscreen. They're nestled close under a blanket, sharing a bowl of popcorn
CLIENT: Capital One / AGENCY: GSD&M "Couch"
A closeup of a man holding a lighter up to a blowtorch
CLIENT: Traveller Denim / AGENCY: Revelator "Piece o’ Cake"
A still from the Spoon Hot Thoughts music video, as seen by a VHS camera's distorted purple-tinged view
CLIENT: Spoon / AGENCY: Revelator "Hot Thoughts"
An overhead shot of a hand drawing an intricate pencil drawing of a leaf on aged, yellowing paper. Around is reference material, including the real leaf to the left of the drawing
CLIENT: FÖDA / AGENCY: Revelator "How Things Add Up"
A man in a suit holds up a sign that says "I AM" in the middle of the street in Chinatown
CLIENT: IBM / AGENCY: Somnio "We Are"
A still from Kumiko the Treasure Hunter. Rinko Kikuchi in character, looks off into the distance, wearing a thick hooded jacket covered with snow
CLIENT: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter / AGENCY: Revelator "Film Production"