Capital One / Define Your Dream: Sheena

AGENCY: T3/Material

SERVICES: Video Production, TV
Commercials, Brand Films, Music Videos,
Lifestyle Videos, Technology Videos.


One of our favorite agencies, T3, wanted to help their client, Capital One, make a social impact.  So Revelator’s Matt Muir directed 3 doc-style portraits of real Capital One customers. Capital One knows their customers are doing amazing things, and were so excited to document each customer journey. We wanted to tell the inspirational stories of the passionate, creative and hard-working customers that make their own dreams come true. So we helped create shareable stories of how these customers pursue their dreams, as part of a 3-part social media campaign focused towards Facebook and Instagram. It was an honor to meet these inspirational women and help them tell their stories and rally others to share how they define their dream.


56.7 Million Impressions

10.5 Million Engagements

More Info:  Ad Age