Nowness / The Man Who Plays with Fire

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Nowness premiered our food-centered documentary short film, directed by Revelator partner Chris Ohlson. The film profiles Chef Bryce Shuman’s approach to his craft at the acclaimed Sweetbriar.

“I have a deep affinity for chefs,” Chris says. “I find them to be passionate, driven, and sometimes, through hard work and sacrifice, they become artists of the highest order. After seeing Bryce Shuman in his element at Sweetbriar, I knew I needed to make a film about him. I didn’t want to present how-to recipes or a narrative on crafting a given entree—or to showcase finished dishes Bryce had created for patrons in a formal restaurant setting. Rather, I wanted to treat the filming as if he were a painter or sculptor in his private studio, to concentrate on how methods, tools, raw elements and fresh ingredients can become art. I set out to focus on the story of Bryce and the fire he cooks with — how he collaborates with it, works alongside it, ebbing and flowing with the unruly primal energy, bending and being bent by it.”

Many thanks to the wonderful Bryce Shuman and his team at Sweetbriar, who allowed us the time and access to create this piece.