Thermo Fisher / Discoveries Change the World

AGENCY: Somnio

SERVICES: Video Production, TV
Commercials, Brand Films, Music Videos,
Lifestyle Videos, Technology Videos.


It’s not often that an agency reaches out with such a thoughtful idea for a science-based advertising approach, but that’s why we love our friends at Somnio. Their client, Thermo Fisher Scientific, wanted to illustrate how Thermo helps improve people’s lives through unique research. So, we created an identity piece that illustrates that impact in a straightforward, but lyrical way. We wanted to create a video that conveys the emotional resonance of a critical diagnosis, without drifting into melodrama or insincere tropes. So we produced a piece that shows how Thermo enables their customers to continue their own story, and make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.


The video reached 30,000 YouTube views in the first 14 days alone.  80% audience retention rate, that was backed with a cohesive promotional strategy across YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter that leveraged each platform’s unique video distribution strengths and targeting capabilities.