Revelator has recently pivoted to a remote-focused work flow to provide full-time online production services for all of our clients. Our producers, directors, editors, and staff can work remotely to ensure we create dynamic and emotionally engaging video content for each new project from kickoff to delivery.

Click the image below to view a downloadable version of our Remote Capabilities Deck for an extensive overview of our production, edit, and livestream proficiency.

This page details how we aim to turn challenges into opportunities for ingenuity and inventiveness.

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Distance-Based Video Solutions

Even in this new distance-based environment, our team will ensure the content we create reflects brand identity and breaks through to your target audience. We can provide unique solutions that capture original video through a variety of production solutions.

Each solution will help maintain creative and production control for top quality content. We can also script and execute an approach that relies completely on high-quality stock footage, dynamic motion graphics, and voiceover narration to convey your project’s narrative.

Live Stream Video Capabilities

Livestream and remote client review are great ways to continue creating valuable content for your audience to view from anywhere in the world. It’s our goal at Revelator to keep your audience feeling connected and involved. Whether it’s a commercial shoot with a remote client or an event with viewers across the globe, our live streaming capabilities can enable you to create high quality video content from anywhere.


Livestream Events + Summits + Panels

Revelator’s livestream videos help you reach an audience that is unable to travel or attend an event in person. Rather than bringing your audience to you, why not stream the event to them? Live streaming an event, panel discussion, or business summit can actually allow you to reach a wider audience than those with the time, resources, and capabilities to travel.

Revelator is able to live-edit graphics and interstitials into your video stream, for key visual moments like a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Our livestream software allows for names and titles to be added on-screen for any speaker or panelist, so the audience knows who is speaking during each portion of your event. The platform also allows for the audience to submit questions during a Q&A session that a live moderator or host can then respond to during the livestream.

At the end of the livestream, an export will be created with the entirety of the event as a fully edited video file. The livestream will also continue to live on via the web link for your audience to revisit and watch again.


Onsite Commercial Production + Remote Client Review

As a commercial production company, it’s important that our clients are able to provide detailed feedback during the production. Attaining our client’s vision is our number one goal in each project we produce. When clients are unable to travel or attend a shoot, we can use our livestream process to share a direct video feed of production to our client. This allows for our client to remotely view on-camera production and provide real-time feedback to our production team.

Just as we would on a traditional commercial production, we’ll use a line of communication to pass the client’s notes on to the director to implement on set. Our producer will be connected to the livestream with the client so everyone views the same feed. Our producer can then receive auditory feedback or text feedback sent through the platform’s chat, to gather client notes and pass them along to the our production team.


Considerations for Live Streaming + Remote Client Review

Understanding the capabilities of live streaming and remote review software and technology is the key to building a creative approach for our client’s remote project. Not every style of video or presentation can seamlessly be moved to a livestream. This is where our team will help talk through your plan and desired final presentation to build a livestream version that will still be engaging for your audience, whether it be for an event, panel, onboarding/training, or live webinar. We encourage you to reach and ask us any questions about your potential project and how we can utilize live streaming to make it a success.

Please contact our Executive Producer, Chris Ohlson, at to learn more about our approach and get an estimate for your project today.