Revelator Creates IBM "Cognos Analytics" Promo

We’re not all data scientists, and IBM realizes that. So our latest video for them helps convey a real world issue many people face in the workplace: analyzing data. IBM solves the data-analysis hurdle with Cognos Analytics. We worked with Somnio, one of our favorite agencies, to create a fresh and simple video to explain how Cognos can simplify and enhance a business user’s experience. That means you get to meet Samantha, a senior buyer for an outdoor company.

Samantha just wants to help people have their best camping trip ever. New tent? New hiking boots? Samantha wants to get them to you. But Samantha needs to analyze the data in order to tell her boss what camping gear you want. That’s where IBM Cognos Analytics comes in. The program allows people who are not exactly experts in data to quickly and confidently get results. Within this platform, the data comes to life; and so do its users. The testimonial-style promo tells the story of Samantha’s presentation, and allows the viewer to go on a visual journey of Samantha’s user experience. We also followed the same visual style and tone of our previous IBM campaign to ensure that it lives in the same family. This meant a direct-to-camera testimonial, a soft color pallete, and camera work with an observation style.

Analytics can seem like a dull topic, and take it from us, sometimes it is. But we wanted the video to show analytics as a helpful and practical tool. We wanted to stress the ease of personalization and intuitiveness that Cognos offers. Users receive a unique and engaging experience by being able to create and personalize dashboards. Samantha explains how Cognos’s user-engagement has enhanced and empowered her business motives, all of which she did on her own.

The built-in intelligence allows Samantha to excel in the work place, even though she doesn’t have much experience with data analysis. We like that the video effectively communicates how Cognos helps average users generate not only accurate but also aesthetically pleasing content that can be stored on the cloud.

We wanted the piece to show Samantha as she radiates confidence in the work place, because we get it: technology can be intimidating. However, if we can create a video that shows how IBM’s Cognos Analytics actually allows the everyday user to befriend technology, then we can all create a few more fun camping trips.


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