Revelator Continues the Story with Thermo Fisher

Creating an identity film for Thermo Fisher Scientific could have been a little daunting. They’re just one of the world’s leading companies in the genetic testing and precision laboratory equipment markets…so, no biggie. They help their customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. So, just wrap that all up into a brand film with a simple little message, right?

Well, the good people at Thermo and our friends at Somnio know that you’ve got to get to the simple, ground level emotional impact of what Thermo provides. That impact is the improvement of people’s lives through unique research. So, we created a profile video for Thermo’s partners and corporate members that illustrates that impact in a straightforward, but lyrical way.

We wanted to create a video that conveys the emotional resonance of a critical diagnosis, without drifting into melodrama or insincere tropes. This meant creating a production that conveys an intimate father and son dynamic that was was both relatable and sincere. We needed to create a simple visual story to compliment the Thermo message. Sure, the biotechnology company is focused on providing analytical and laboratory products and services, but they’re real mission is to enable their customers to continue their own story, and make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

It was also important to incorporate Thermo lab techs to help show how their customers accelerate life sciences research and solve complex challenges to improve patient diagnostics. The lab visuals were a great way to underpin the work going on in the background while our patient struggles with the uncertainty of his future after diagnosis.

Pre-Production Inspiration Board Sample

Creating a visual through-line is a subtle way to tie together the father and son connection, as well as have a physical manifestation of their relationship in the final bike ride. We wanted that visual presentation to exist in a stylized and almost elegiac way, so we used a fairly desaturated color tone and early morning light to infuse the piece with a reserved visual presentation. We also kept the lab visuals fairly intimate and character-based, to really show the humanity of our technicians, instead of going overboard with any cold or technical scientific abstractions. Ultimately, the piece culminates in saturated, colorful tones as our father and son embark on their cycling lesson, which finishes our story on an active and hopeful note.

It’s important for us to convey an authentic representation of how Thermo equips researchers to make critical discoveries. We’re proud to help a company who works to develop treatments for those facing a life-threatening diagnosis, and proud to help their story continue.


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