Revelator’s Chetty Creates VR “NASA” Project for Washington Post


We are excited to announce that Revelator Director Deepak Chetty has created another beautiful VR project, and this time it’s a tour of NASA. To be exact, it’s a tour of the Johnson Space Center for The Washington Post. Last spring, Chetty collaborated with The Washington Post to release a virtual reality tour of Mars. He created a series of 360-degree animations that took the viewer from low orbit over Mars, to the surface of the planet, creating an interactive experience that accompanied a written piece. Following the success of that project, Deepak and The Washington Post have teamed up again to release a new VR project that highlights how NASA mission control has evolved from the 1960’s to present day.

Through two, in depth, 360-degree videos, Chetty shows us the exterior and the interior of the famous Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake, Texas. First we are given a glimpse into the original, historic mission control room, which was used during the Apollo and Gemini missions and has been perfectly preserved as a museum and tourist site. Then we see the new, modern mission control, which is primarily tasked with monitoring the astronauts aboard the international space station and overseeing the flights that support the ISS.

“I am excited to share the third collaboration with The Washington Post and UT”s Journalism School,” says Chetty, “and I am very proud to be working with this crew again.”
You can check out the videos, presented by Lexus, at the Washington Post site!

In addition to his commercial work as a director, visual effects artist, and cinematographer, Chetty’s work has been featured in AFS’ 10 Under 10 series, the Longhorn Network, and through viral media propagation. He has created multiple other VR pieces for The Washington Post including WAITING FOR THE POPE IN CIUDAD JUAREZ, which chronicles the sights and sounds of Ciudad Juarez as residents anticipate the arrival of Pope Francis.

It’s been a busy time for Deepak. Earlier this month he won “Best Director” for his 3D film “Hard Reset” at iTV Fest. “Hard Reset” previously won “Best Live-Action Short” at the Advanced Imaging Society’s 7th Annual Awards Ceremony alongside films such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and “The Martian.”

We think Deepak’s new project serves as another great example of how VR can be used to help take viewers to a place they’d never get to visit themselves. We’re obviously excited by entertainment and fun that is inherent in VR, and heck, we recently built our East Austin Studio Tour stop around it. Yet we’re just as excited about Deepak’s work in the journalistic projects that VR is affording us as well, and can’t wait to share Deepak’s next adventure. So stay tuned!


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