Webby Award Winner

We’re so excited to announce our collaboration with artist Ana Prvački for Google and the de Young Museum is a Webby Award Winner! Revelator’s Jonn Herschend worked with Ana Prvački to help bring her unique voice and vision to the project “Detour,” which is an “alternative tour” of the museum. Google wanted to showcase the groundbreaking tour as part of “Google Arts & Culture”, allowing guests to access the videos via their mobile devices. And we’re so honored to be included in the collaboration, which won the Webby Award’s 2020 Honoree for “Apps, Mobile, and Voice: Arts, Culture, and Events.”  Additionally, the films are featured in the recent We Transfer Art Series profile of Ana and her work!

The short films are triggered at various spots, offering an alternative tour of the museum. Video production took place in San Francisco, CA, at the Golden Gate Park. Revelator director Jonn Herschend worked with Ana Prvački on the grounds of the museum to execute the specific look, feel, and timing of her unique vision for the project. The Revelator team was so happy to work with Google and the de Young Museum to develop a creative strategy and production plan that would seamlessly capture Ana’s vision. Planning and shot-listing the production strategy included working with the de Young staff to respect the grounds and artwork at the museum, but a concise plan and the help of the incredible de Young team resulted in a terrific shoot day in San Fran.

Revelator also handled the video edit and entire post production workflow through color correction and sound mix. Each step of the way our post-production team made sure we followed the concise production parameters required for the unique Google Lens mobile experience.

In a creative sense it was important that each of the videos address a different idea. These ideas related to ancient myth, personal intimacies, environmental matters, and even vision exercises. Alongside the videos, which are accessible free of charge, a physical sculpture conceived as a ‘memorial to the common bee’ has been installed in the museum’s garden.

We were also so intrigued by the origination of the project. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco originally invited artist Ana Prvački, known for her projects that use humor to disarm traditional museum structures and behaviors, to develop an artwork that frames the museum experientially, rather than as an exhibition venue. As you can tell from these video examples, Ana’s project encourages visitors to imagine new ways of viewing, connecting, and behaving in the de Young Museum’s spaces.  These examples, pulled from the eight short films we helped Ana create, illustrate how viewers are asked to reconsider how they behave in and look at the museum.

Through a series of these vignettes that imagine the environment experientially rather than as an exhibition venue, we’re so excited that viewers can see the museum through new eyes. We were so honored to be considered as the video production company for this special collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, and the de Young Museum, and we want to offer a big congratulations to the entire creative team!